Who are Rigorious?

Rigorious sound is Heavy Power Metal with synthesizers and orchestral elements. The powerful and at the same time driving songs of the band from Monheim are rounded off by melodic and sometimes also rough vocals. Singer Lukas does not have a classic power metal voice in the falsetto range, but moves from clean to rough over 3 octaves, mostly in the low mid-range. With 107 dB at the top, his voice is sometimes louder than a pneumatic hammer. Rigorious is also characterized by precise, melodic backings, for which bassist Sebastian and guitarist Christopher are responsible. Christopher stands out with his powerful riffing, his catchy voice and his harmonious backing vocals. On the bass, Sebastian contributes his own, but not overloaded, catchy bass lines as well as a second, clean backing voice. For especially hard parts he also does shouts. The second Lukas and lead guitarist of the band founded in 2021 gets his high recognition value through his fast, expressive and classical solo sound as well as his tendency to compose great hooks again and again. On the drums, Paul provides penetrating double bass passages, driving grooves and powerful fills. At the same time, he manages to keep the arrangements from becoming too overloaded and to give the side instruments plenty of room to develop. Their 10-song debut album "Night of Retribution", which was produced by none other than Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger), offers sounds in the style of Battle Beast to Blind Guardian with a vocal style that you will recognize on second hearing. As the name of the debut album already indicates, the content is mainly about fighting in a medieval fantasy setting. Rousing titles like "Brothers arise" and "Victory" are juxtaposed with melancholic songs like "Lost" or "Lay with me" to illuminate the topic in as many different ways as possible. Despite their short band history, Rigorious have already shared the stage with the likes of Serious Black, Brainstorm and Rage and played their first festivals in 2023!

Lukas Remus
Christopher Blankenaufulland
Lukas Famula
Sebastian Kanczok
Paul Reil